The 12-week
Mudman Challenge Programme

Here’s your 12-week programme to the HMB Mudman 2018:

Running programme Cycling programme Swimming programme

Don’t forget to enter - the sooner the better!

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Mudman 3 February 2018

   Well done! By signing up you have completed the first big step in the right direction. In 12 weeks you will be slimmer, healthier and, most of all, ready for our big Mudman Day!
   Wondering how to get started?

Multisport for Beginners - YES YOU CAN!

   Everyone likes one of the three disciplines more than the other two. Perhaps you like swimming, because running and cycling were always your weak points. Or perhaps you prefer running to getting sopping wet? Mind you, pumping your legs while cycling moves you further per "stride", doesn’t it?
   If you have never participated in a multisport event before, start by selecting two disciplines and work on them for a while, because to tackle three disciplines at once is asking a lot.
   You can also choose only one discipline, but it will most probably become boring after a while. Alternate the two disciplines: for example go swimming one day, complete a run the next day and then rest on the third day.
   After a couple of weeks, you will feel fit and ready to tackle the last discipline, i.e. one day swimming, one day running, one day cycling , one day resting.
   See how you cope. But remember: In Hermannsburg you need not do all three disciplines. You can be part of a team where each member does one discipline only. AND you can choose between the Full Distance and the Half Distance events.

So what are you waiting for?

   Choose your two prefered disciplines now and follow our easy step-by-step programme for beginners (click on the buttons below). If you are a pro or you have already participated in a multisport event, you can use the following websites to find more specific information on all the disciplines:

To complete this training programme in time for the 2018 Mudman, Week 1 is the week starting 12 November 2017.